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Robert, the owner and master craftsman, is a member of 
the Seminole Tribe of Florida. 
From a very early age, Robert had problems with his scalp. Itching and flaking to the point of bleeding. After many doctor visits, specialty shampoos and medications, Robert turned to his Native heritage. He learned about various plants and their remedies. With this knowledge and his love of science, he decided to create his own shampoo. And Pucase, the "Master" Shampoo was born. 
Excerpt from Interview of Robert Nelson 

Interviewer: American  Indians are known for bead  work, turquoise, feathers  and leather, why would  people trust an Indian with  Bath products?

Robert: <Giggle> Actually 
 American Indians were first 
 known as Savages just 
 because they lived in and  used Nature rather than  living in homes and  following white man society  norms.
 So the question really is; why would you trust anyone but a  Native American with nature? <Giggle>

Interviewer: That's a great point but seriously natural soap  seems to be the in thing right now, a lot of new companies,  why should anyone choose Native Reign?

Robert: Well besides an affinity to Nature, I love what I am  doing and feel passionately about it. Because I am a  Native American, I have a nice income from my Tribe, consequently, I can afford to purchase premium quality ingredients and do not need to cut corners. Other soap manufacturers don't have that ability and most, even the  natural manufacturers are doing it just for profit. 

Interviewer: So this is a hobby for you?

Robert: No, It's a way of life. That's why our motto is,
Go Natural the Native Way.
Having such amazing results from this shampoo, Robert chose to dive deeper. He created a body cream for his grandmother who suffered from Eczema. A "sportsman" soap for his brother who was a professional motocross racer (now turned Semi-pro skate boarder), a soap & face cream for
 his mother who suffered with adult acne.... and he helped 
many other family members, friends & neighbors.
Everyone saw immediate results, everyone was happy and 
healed. They raved to others about the products made for 
them, so Robert's "client" list grew. And Native Reign was 

 "Please, stop buying commercial products, they are poison to your body. Give Natural just one simple try and you will feel and see the immediate results" 
                                             -Robert Nelson
Natural World
​In Effort to save money, commercial soap makers have removed the
 healthy ingredients from their soap, replacing them with synthetic 
lathering agents and harsh chemicals. They call these detergent bars, 
"Beauty Bar," or "Moisturizing Bar, " because by the Law, they can't 
advertise them as something the are not; SOAP!

                                     In the soap making process, a healthy substance called                                              glycerin is produced. Commercial manufacturers remove this                                      highly profitable and skin valuable substance so they can sell                                      it. They are more interested in making money than                                                    revitalizing and pampering your precious skin.
                                     Glycerin is a humectant, which means it draws moisture to it.                                      Your skin is porous and absorbent. Imagine how moisturized                                      your skin would be using this substance and having it in your                                      skin throughout the day!

Again, to cut down costs, these commercial soap makers use tallow, Lard and other cheaper fats in their detergent bars. These fats clog your pores, creating dull, congested skin or even worse, blemishes, black heads and/or dry
parched, aged skin! These same companies destroy your skin just
to sell you yet another chemical based, cheaply made product to 
help repair all the damaged they've created with their wanna-be 
soaps. Haven't you noticed that soap companies also create acne 
medicines, moisturizers and other skin remedies?

​​​All of our Natural Soaps have their glycerin, in fact we've even added extra glycerin to some of our recipes! We've researched every ingredient and spared no expense to create recipes that are essential for healthy, vibrant skin! Just one use of our soap and you'll never use any other soap again!
                                                     Go Natural the Native way!
Saying it is a "Natural product" is not enough!
 Bella Donna is natural but it’s also POISON! 

Please read labels! If you see things like……100% natural vegetable oil with olive oil…….it is not good for your skin. Vegetable oil can be anything from corn to canola…….? If they won’t say exactly what oil they use, it can’t be good! Why hide that important information??? Both those oils are cheap for these companies to use. They clog pores creating dull, damaged, unhealthy skin. 

When buying soap, look for healthy oils in the recipe, Olive oil is a great start but combining it with a vegetable oil only negates the benefits. The best oils; Coconut (not over 26% or it begins to dry) Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Soybean Oil, Grape seed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Shea Butter, Walnut Oil. 
Our products say EXACTLY what oil is used. We hide nothing from our customers, In fact, that is why we have an actual ingredients page! You will find every single item in our lab there!


Don't be fooled by commercial manufacturer's pretty packaging and genius advertizing. Do your homework, research what your skin needs and go natural to be healthy!

In the long run, going Natural will actually save you money. You'll need less products and less doctor visits!

Go Natural the Native way
                                 Cheaper is not always better! Cheaper may mean they use cheap oils and lard. Keep in 
                                 mind, natural is not the magic word! What natural are you looking for? That's what is                                                                                                                                                             important! The moral                                  important. When looking for  health, don't let  price dictate, know our ingredients, 
                                 read your labels!!

                                 The hard to swallow truth is, the simpler, the better. The problem with natural products;                                     you you'll feel the difference immediately but it will take time to see the results....and the results will be real! It took many years of your life to damage your skin, give it time to heal! We American's want instant results, most of us will sacrifice our future thave it now! Don't sacrifice the future health of your skin for these commercial company's promise to fix it now. Nature provided everything we need to stay healthy and keep our youthful glow. These companies fell away from this concept a long time ago, when profits became most important. They substitute highly skin nutritious carrier oils for cheaper oils, again clogging your precious pores and drying out your skin rather than moisturizing it. 

And here is the kicker....

When these companies actually ADD a nutritious ingredient to their product, they add it at an unbelievably low increment. See, the government just has laws about advertising, not the actually recipe. So if it's stated that they've added a substance, by law they must add it, but HOW MUCH of it is completely up to them. Usually they add a tablespoon of essential or healthy carrier oil to a 1000 pound vat of moisturizer! ONE TABLESPOON!! What will that do for your skin? We add that much essential oil in only 2 pounds and the rest is actually the healthy carrier oil in our moisturizers! BIG difference!

Again, trying our products just ONCE will make you a believer!
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